Most of the time, you either invite someone over for a lunch or a dinner whenever you need to meet up with your friends but if you are someone who really enjoys a relaxing time by the garden with some friends and family or have something like an afternoon pool party, the best thing to do is to drop the idea of a lunch or dinner and throw something like an evening tea party. This can be a really good idea especially if you have kids or friends who love to just chill out in the garden. Kids love to play around and having them over for lunch or a strict dinner doesn’t really give them enough space to play around but having something like an evening tea party could be a fun idea.

This read will give you some of the organizing tips if you are planning to have an evening tea party at yours. The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind about a tea party is all about cakery and that’s actually true. There are several other treats that you can match or pair up with tea but that’s a common feeling that you think across all of the cake ideas when it comes to this idea. What are the other things that you can really add along? Tea party doesn’t mean you only have to have hot drinks like tea and coffee, but you can also add in some cold drinks like ice coffee, ice tea as well. You don’t always have to limit yourself with things that others do in a tea party. Go here  for more information about celebration cakes 

You can really think beyond just running into a cake shop and add more variety and colour into your table. One thing you can do is order foods that are spicy like meat pies, vegetable pies, pastries, buns, spring rolls and also add in sweets like the muffins, doughnuts and cakes. Don’t over complicate by trying to add heavy food because this is a kind of a party that needs to stay quite casual and chilled. Another tip is to have some comfy chairs and a seating arrangement set up by the garden or a rooftop.

Finally depending on the nature of your guests, try to add some good music to have a good vibe going on in the party. No party is completely rocking without some good music. You don’t have to throw in house music but choose some good soothing music to really let the happy vibes kick in. These are some of the areas that you will have to think through the next time you want to hang out and chill with your friends.

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Being an event planner is not something that everyone can do. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, creativeness and skills to become extremely successful at being an event planner. When you decide to become an event planner, it will open doors to a lot of opportunities and even if you start small you can easily pave your way to the very top as long as you are doing an excellent job at planning your events. While it is still not something that a lot of people would necessarily get in to, it is a rather interesting and exciting field to work in! You get to interact with so many people daily and if socializing is your strength, this will be the perfect chance for you. From a young age, anyone who has had an obsession of putting events together, may it be a birthday party or a family reunion, it could be something that is going to point you towards your dream career. So these are some benefits of being an event planner or manager.

Being creative

This is a definite perk when you are working as an event planner because no matter what you do, your creativeness plays a major role in it. You will have to put together birthday parties, social events, weddings and a lot more and all of this will require you to think outside the box and throw around exciting ideas which is never boring. Even thinking of a birthday party catering or a wedding theme is going to be something fun and not drab to served delicious foods.

Ability to travel

Being an event planner means you will always be on the move. Even if you have control over your job and your life, you would rarely be working in one place as you will be required to move around a lot and check in to things. Even if it is a social tea party you would have to visit various people like an afternoon tea catering Sydney service and speak to important people to get your job done right. This is why you would not be stuck inside an office all day and for individuals who love traveling, this is perfect.

Customer satisfaction

This is one of the best parts of being an event planner / manager. You will have the luxury of seeing your customers extremely euphoric on the day of their event and if you know you did your work right, you know you made your customer over – the – moon happy!

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A good meal always deserves a suitable wine pairing to make the meal better. The European concept of wine has become a staple of most people now and with the influx of international cuisine in our everyday diet, the mere of cultures is needed to make memorable meal. So today we have some pairings that would have some use for you.


The Japanese preparation of their famous raw fish and seaweed is known the world over and is a popular choice amongst food lovers. The traditional drink with this meal is sake or rice beer but that doesn’t mean that wine is off the table. While this might be a little harder to pair to its unusual texture and flavours, most sommeliers suggest a wine which is not too dry so that it cuts off the taste of the fish. The popular choice is a Riesling which has a combination of dry and sift sweetness which enhances the flavor of the meal.


Indian curry is world famous for its flavor and spices. This means that it is a difficult pairing option. The sheer number of preparations and varieties of Indian cuisine means that the pairings will be infinite. for the spicy tomato based dishes, the best option would be a sweet fruity option such as sauvignon blanc or even a sparkling rose. The rule is that spicier the food, the sweeter and fruitier the wine should be. This will allow for the two elements of the meal to complement each other. You also have the option of going for a red if the dish includes red meat, but the red must have a fruity taste such a pinot noir. Then when it comes to cream based dishes such as butter chicken you have the to choose a full bodied red such as a zinfandel. The difference of flavor and herbs in the dishes allow for a number of varieties to be paired with it. But the key is to pick a wine that won’t overpower the meal.


Whether it be Tex-Mex or authentic Mexican, the simple rule of spicier the food, the sweeter the wine rule is applied. For this, there are a variety of choices raging from online wine sales Australia to a sauvignon blanc to balance out the spices and the herbs. When it comes to pairing wine with international cuisine you need to keep in mind one thing, each has its own unique flavours and preparations which make them stand out. This would mean that when selecting a wine, you must remember not to pick one which cuts into the taste of the dish and overpowers it’s taste.

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There seem to be many myths about tea floating around, but what are the most egregious myths of all?

• Tea should be drunk without any additions to it

There is no reason why you should drink tea plain – with no sugar, milk, honey or whatever other addition you prefer – and this is a good point as to why the best milk tea business is still strong. The myth of having to drink tea plainly mostly derives from the misconception that the benefits of tea can only be reaped when tea is drunk plainly. As we said, this is a misconception – there is no reason why adding sugar, milk, honey or other herbs to your tea will decrease the tea’s antioxidant values or other health benefits. Accordingly, if plain tea is a bit too difficult for you to drink, you can and you should add some sweeteners or milk to it.

• Green tea and white tea have no caffeine

The reason why green tea has been a fast growing franchise is simply due to misconception that it has no caffeine, and that it is high in antioxidants and helps you slim down. Whilst the latter points are indeed true, green tea, and by extension, white tea, do contain caffeine. It should be helpful to remind oneself here that all tea varieties derive from the tea plant – Camellia sinensis – and this plant contains caffeine. Accordingly, you cannot find any tea leaves which do not have caffeine. Black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea and all other types of tea all contain a certain dosage of caffeine. 

• Only green tea has antioxidants

Another misconception that has led to the popularity of green tea is that it is the only tea variety to contain antioxidants. This is entirely wrong, as all types of tea do contain antioxidants. What is correct, however, is that green tea might have a higher amount of antioxidants compared to other tea varieties. The reason behind this is the processing method: black tea and oolong tea are oxidised in the processing, and this can decrease their antioxidant levels. On the other hand, green tea does not undergo oxidation, and hence can retain its antioxidants. However, going by this explanations, it is worthy to note that the white tea varieties have the highest content of antioxidants, as they are only dried in the manufacturing.

• Good tea cannot be made from teabags

Many people tend to have a very common misunderstanding that, in order to make good tea, tea leaves – and not tea bags – are necessary. This is very much wrong, as tea bags can make very delicious tea. The reason why tea does not taste good is not in the tea bags, but in the brewing method of the individual. Adding fuel to this misconception is the belief that tea bags are made from the tea powder which is discarded in tea factories – when many factories actually attempt to have the better quality teas included in tea bags.

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Running a restaurant is a lucrative business, but not everyone can do it properly. You need a proper combination of skills and the market conditions should be favorable as well. Just as any other business venture it also requires a lot of your time. Given below are five things to pay attention to when setting up your own restaurant.

1. A great team 

Every business needs a great team to succeed. Likewise a restaurant needs a great team which includes everyone from the waiter to the chef. So make sure that when you are hiring employees that they would fit properly in to a team. They might all not possess the same strengths and qualities, but as a group they should be able to balance out each other. Hire people who are good with their co-workers and offers delicious cuisine, and who are able to adapt up to various situations. Make sure to look in to their previous work experience as well since it is always better to have experience staff in the team to guide the fresh employees. 

2. Equipment

Make sure that when you buy various kitchen appliances and electric equipment that they adhere to the various standards set by the regulatory bodies. Try obtaining quotations from more than three companies to see who can give you the best equipment for the lowest price. Some appliances are a must for a restaurant such as a post mix machine or a microwave. 

3. Ambience

The restaurant also should be designed in such a way that the customers would be happy to spend more time inside it. So hire an interior designer to do a proper designing job of the restaurant and ask the designer to recommend the type of furniture as well. The atmosphere should be such that your customers would be willing to return as soon as they can. 

4. Suppliers

Since you will need a few items in bulk after you start the restaurant, from the beginning, figure out the best suppliers for the various items. Choose them carefully; ask around from other colleagues in the field as well. There will be different suppliers for different items; i.e. the supplier for the soft drinks of the post mix machine will not be the same supplier for best coffee in Melbourne. So make a list of all the different suppliers to keep track of them.

In conclusion, it’s a good combination of all the above that would make it a great restaurant. So don’t compromise on even one aspect. Instead do your best in every possible aspect.

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Your friend has just got a bright idea of starting her own catering business. The best part of this decision is that she has asked you to be a partner in this business and help her run it. You are initially shocked at the idea that you would be responsible for a business. But after the initial shock sets in, you decide that you have to get your act together fast because your friend wants to start the business next week.

Ideal location

The two of you start looking out for a suitable place to start your catering business. For your luck you come across a catering business in operation but has being put up for sale since the owner has suddenly decided to migrate. You inform your friend about this place and the two of you rush there to check it out. The catering business is situated in a beautiful and scenic area close to the lake and is the ideal location. Your friend decides to buy this business. But at the same time your friend decides that she wants to go for group cooking classes because she has to be knowledgeable on the subject. Looking for a reliable cooking classes you can contact us for the information.

Culinary areas

You start searching for the ideal place for your friend. You come across an advertisement in the daily paper calling for amateurs to join the new group cooking classes the following week. You make inquiries and are told that there is no age limit for new comers and that all aspects on culinary will be covered in the course. On your request the organisation sends you a program of the area they will be covering for the training program. Among the areas covered by the professionals is Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Japanese cuisine. You tell your friend about the place and she wants to join immediately.

Joining the same program

The big day finally arrives for your friend to start her first training in the culinary area. You cannot wait to hear about your friend’s first day at training. Your friend comes home and you are the first to visit her. From the look on your friend’s face you realize that she has had an enjoyable day. Your friend tells you that she was first taught on how to cook Chinese menus. She tells you the instructors are very patient with their students and are more than happy to help them out when necessary. She also tells you that she was given a 20% discount on her course because she decided to follow all courses offered by the professionals. She also tells you that you should consider joining the same training program because you are also a partner in the culinary business.

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Who do not love chicken in the world? It is not only tasty, but also it has varieties of dishes to eat such as chicken soup, chicken stew, chicken chili, etc. And if you forget its taste there is also a thing called health benefits; people get many health benefits by including chicken in their daily diet. Here are some reasons to include chicken in your daily diet.

High in protein:

People generally eat for its taste but it has high protein, low fat protein which can help you to maintain weight. As it is full of nutrients it will help you to build muscle and its development. You can gain weight as well as lose weight by eating it taking the right diet amount consulting with doctor. To enjoy it in varied tastes you can try Indian tandoor. You can opt for chicken tandoor in an indian food takeaway eatery and eat when you like.

Natural anti-depressant:

Chicken is full of amino acid which provides you the comfort after eating a bowl of soup. So, when people will get sad it can recharge their mind if they consume poultry because it can raise serotonin level which will lighten up your mood and also give a good sleep. To refresh your mood you can try out spicy tandoors from any good restaurants of indian food takeaway .

Prevents bone loss:

This is very important for older people. As they are growing older there are chances of diseases like arthritis. But including this food can give them security to strengthen their bones by supplying the proper amount of proteins.

Poultry for health heart:

If the amount of amino acid will increase in the body, then chances of heart attack also increase. But if you eat chicken daily or 3 or four times in a weak, it decreases the chances and controls amino acid called homocysteine.

Plenty of phosphorus:

Chicken contains a very large amount of phosphorus and minerals. And these are very essential elements for your teeth, bones, kidney, liver, CNS etc.

Seeking selenium:

As this if full of minerals and proteins it increases the level of metabolism, immunity and decreases the chances of thyroid hormone.

Metabolism booster:

If you eat this regularly this will increase the blood circulation and control it well. Blood vessels will be healthy, you will get full of energy as the vitamin b6 increases the metabolism rate and you can maintain a healthy life.

Rich in niacin:

This is also rich in niacin which is a type of vitamin and this decreases the chance of cancer and various DNA diseases.

Eye health:

Chicken is full of retinol, beta carotene and other types of vitamin. This improves the eye quality.

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