When you talk about the union of two souls through a religious ceremony, it is a wedding. This brings about the happiness and joyfulness among the two along with their friends and families. This auspicious bond is celebrated the entire day. The ceremony is done in during the light hours and then the celebration, the party is kept for the dark hours. 

The conference is the getting together of people to discuss and share a various point of views about a single chosen topic. Conferences are of various contrasting kinds. It can be a business conference, press conference; the meeting of a group of individuals came to have a purposeful meeting with the productive outcome, academic, etc. 

Verities of another sort of events are there, like birthday celebration, reunion, project completion and too many to count. For all such functions and celebration, we have the well-qualified venues. Along with conference venues and wedding venues, Carnarvon golf has spacious grounds to have the event you want to have. Click here for more info on wedding venues in Burwood.

The event you host:

 Carnarvon golf club is 10 minutes away from Sydney’s Olympics Park. With perfectly graceful and delighting view have the venue for every sort of function or event you would like to host. From 50 to 200 hundred people, seating arrangements can be easily made for you, so, if you are hosting a small gathering with small numbers or a large one with more number either can be arranged while fulfilling your requirements. Of course, you will surely have concerns about your event. We must assure you the outstanding experience with us. Our team will look after every single detail to ensure there is not even the smallest mistake and you and your guests are having the time of life. 

For children: 

Children love to have parties and the chance to play and run around. If you are looking for a safe spot to throw the party for your children, then the golf course if perfect for you. Space will be open and sunny with fresh air. You can have all the fun things for the kids like, trampoline, jump house and more. If you want to keep all the arrangements indoor, then all these can be arranged inside the building as well.  

If you like to have the arrangement for kids and adults that can be done as well. You will have a separate area arranged for the kids to have fun with complete safety and security and the separate arrangements for adults to have their time. 

Carnarvon golf club is waiting for you to serve you with sophistication and standard and to assure that the event you host with us is the best event you have ever hosted. This golf club of Strathfield is about understanding and delivering what their customers want.

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