A good meal always deserves a suitable wine pairing to make the meal better. The European concept of wine has become a staple of most people now and with the influx of international cuisine in our everyday diet, the mere of cultures is needed to make memorable meal. So today we have some pairings that would have some use for you.


The Japanese preparation of their famous raw fish and seaweed is known the world over and is a popular choice amongst food lovers. The traditional drink with this meal is sake or rice beer but that doesn’t mean that wine is off the table. While this might be a little harder to pair to its unusual texture and flavours, most sommeliers suggest a wine which is not too dry so that it cuts off the taste of the fish. The popular choice is a Riesling which has a combination of dry and sift sweetness which enhances the flavor of the meal.


Indian curry is world famous for its flavor and spices. This means that it is a difficult pairing option. The sheer number of preparations and varieties of Indian cuisine means that the pairings will be infinite. for the spicy tomato based dishes, the best option would be a sweet fruity option such as sauvignon blanc or even a sparkling rose. The rule is that spicier the food, the sweeter and fruitier the wine should be. This will allow for the two elements of the meal to complement each other. You also have the option of going for a red if the dish includes red meat, but the red must have a fruity taste such a pinot noir. Then when it comes to cream based dishes such as butter chicken you have the to choose a full bodied red such as a zinfandel. The difference of flavor and herbs in the dishes allow for a number of varieties to be paired with it. But the key is to pick a wine that won’t overpower the meal.


Whether it be Tex-Mex or authentic Mexican, the simple rule of spicier the food, the sweeter the wine rule is applied. For this, there are a variety of choices raging from online wine sales Australia to a sauvignon blanc to balance out the spices and the herbs. When it comes to pairing wine with international cuisine you need to keep in mind one thing, each has its own unique flavours and preparations which make them stand out. This would mean that when selecting a wine, you must remember not to pick one which cuts into the taste of the dish and overpowers it’s taste.

Which Wine Goes With Your Food