Most of the time, you either invite someone over for a lunch or a dinner whenever you need to meet up with your friends but if you are someone who really enjoys a relaxing time by the garden with some friends and family or have something like an afternoon pool party, the best thing to do is to drop the idea of a lunch or dinner and throw something like an evening tea party. This can be a really good idea especially if you have kids or friends who love to just chill out in the garden. Kids love to play around and having them over for lunch or a strict dinner doesn’t really give them enough space to play around but having something like an evening tea party could be a fun idea.

This read will give you some of the organizing tips if you are planning to have an evening tea party at yours. The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind about a tea party is all about cakery and that’s actually true. There are several other treats that you can match or pair up with tea but that’s a common feeling that you think across all of the cake ideas when it comes to this idea. What are the other things that you can really add along? Tea party doesn’t mean you only have to have hot drinks like tea and coffee, but you can also add in some cold drinks like ice coffee, ice tea as well. You don’t always have to limit yourself with things that others do in a tea party. Go here  for more information about celebration cakes

You can really think beyond just running into a cake shop and add more variety and colour into your table. One thing you can do is order foods that are spicy like meat pies, vegetable pies, pastries, buns, spring rolls and also add in sweets like the muffins, doughnuts and cakes. Don’t over complicate by trying to add heavy food because this is a kind of a party that needs to stay quite casual and chilled. Another tip is to have some comfy chairs and a seating arrangement set up by the garden or a rooftop.

Finally depending on the nature of your guests, try to add some good music to have a good vibe going on in the party. No party is completely rocking without some good music. You don’t have to throw in house music but choose some good soothing music to really let the happy vibes kick in. These are some of the areas that you will have to think through the next time you want to hang out and chill with your friends.

Tips For Your Home Tea Party