As Martha Rodgers mentioned on the famous TV show Castle, about a relationship of a man and a woman. That may be true, but men all over the world dream up extraordinary ways of proposing to the woman of their dreams. Recently there has been a spate of extravagant and dramatic proposals immortalized on YouTube. If you were popping the question, or thinking about it, where would you go to make the event both memorable and romantic Indian takeaway at Gordon Park. Here are some suggestions that will make your proposal very hard to say no to:
Propose During a Romantic Dinner
One of the easiest ways to pop the question is to pretend there really is nothing very special to the night and simply go out on one of your usual dates. Whether that’s dinner at a fancy restaurant or movie and pizza is up to you. Make sure your partner has no clue that anything is different (take deep breaths – it helps with the nerves). When you feel the time is right, rise from your place at the table, kneel down next to her and simply go for it.
If it’s a Indian restaurant at Lutwyche you frequent often, arrange with the waiter to surprise your partner with the ring, maybe by putting down a plate in front of her with the box in it. Find out beforehand however whether or not you’re intended likes proposals in public places.
Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
Many couples remember their first dates or other special places they’ve been during their relationship. Take your partner back to revisit old haunts or go on a date to the same place you met, had your first date, first kiss etc. The nostalgia and romance of that first visit will work in your favour and all you have to do is play up the moment and ask your partner that all important question. If memory lane is not going to work, go somewhere that is meaningful to one of you. If it’s a spot from your childhood, explain why you chose the place and then bring out the ring. You’ll get more brownie points if you remember a place that your partner wanted to but couldn’t visit and you arrange to pop the question there.
Go to the Extremes
Extreme doesn’t mean you have to propose on a white water rafting ride. It means extreme for you. Every couple does something that they consider radical or extreme in their lifetime, so seize that opportunity to make your proposal romantic and memorable. Extreme can also be symbolic: no matter how many times you’ve flown before, if you propose on an airplane, the fact that you’re doing it thousands of miles in the air will be special. Other options would be balloon rides, exotic vacations on tropical island beaches, or established romantic spots in the world like Venice, Italy or Paris, France.  

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