In spite of all the bad press, fast food today is more a necessity than a luxury or something that’s just an unhealthy treat. The foods associated with the term “fast food” is generally along the likes of pizza, fries, corn dogs and hot dogs. Lots of oil, lots of frying, and lots of processing goes in to these foods, especially when they are made in huge quantities.

But are these foods really as bad as all that?

Not if it’s made slowly.

And not if it’s made with high quality ingredients that are clean and fresh.

Burgers are possibly the single most popular fast food item in the world. Interestingly, for an item of food so well known, its origins are steeped in mystery. They take their name from the city of Hamburg in Germany, although it is not quite certain if their origins lie in this Western European nation, of if they were first created in the United States of America, where they grew in popularity at an exponential rate.

Everybody knows the basic structure of this tasty sandwich. A round bun, often with sesame seeds sprinkled on top forms the outer most, top and bottom covers. A yummy meat patty, made of ground beef mixed with spices and seasoned just right with salt and pepper is the star of the sandwich. Then there are a few layers of vegetables; that is, a slice of tomato, some crisp lettuce to add that much needed crunch and some pickle. A generous slice of cheese to add that gooey, melt-in-the-mouth touch and bring the whole affair together. Yummy!

But burgers in Prahran can get yummier than this.

What was detailed afore was the basic skeleton of this hot worldwide favorite sandwich. But the variations that can be done, and in fact, that ARE done today are simply mind boggling, and can make your taste buds go wild.

There are the additions. Perfectly fried strips of streaky bacon takes any food a few notches higher than it otherwise would be. A spoonful of relish adds a zing to an otherwise boring sandwich. The bread need not be boring and white; instead, it could be brown and rye; even dark black bread. Adding not just colour and character, but healthy fiber to your meal. A variety of cheeses could be added, including the crumbly feta cheese or a bit of gourmet blue cheese. Some like their sandwiches with caramelized onions and mushrooms. Oh yum!

Even attempting to talk about the variations in the meat patty would just be too much. But let it be said that the variations seen in this star feature is what ultimately makes the perfect meal. All this and more, is yours to discover and enjoy.

There\’s Fast Food. And Then There Is Alternate Fast Food