Who do not love chicken in the world? It is not only tasty, but also it has varieties of dishes to eat such as chicken soup, chicken stew, chicken chili, etc. And if you forget its taste there is also a thing called health benefits; people get many health benefits by including chicken in their daily diet. Here are some reasons to include chicken in your daily diet.

High in protein:

People generally eat for its taste but it has high protein, low fat protein which can help you to maintain weight. As it is full of nutrients it will help you to build muscle and its development. You can gain weight as well as lose weight by eating it taking the right diet amount consulting with doctor. To enjoy it in varied tastes you can try Indian tandoor. You can opt for chicken tandoor in an indian food takeaway eatery and eat when you like.

Natural anti-depressant:

Chicken is full of amino acid which provides you the comfort after eating a bowl of soup. So, when people will get sad it can recharge their mind if they consume poultry because it can raise serotonin level which will lighten up your mood and also give a good sleep. To refresh your mood you can try out spicy tandoors from any good restaurants of indian food takeaway .

Prevents bone loss:

This is very important for older people. As they are growing older there are chances of diseases like arthritis. But including this food can give them security to strengthen their bones by supplying the proper amount of proteins.

Poultry for health heart:

If the amount of amino acid will increase in the body, then chances of heart attack also increase. But if you eat chicken daily or 3 or four times in a weak, it decreases the chances and controls amino acid called homocysteine.

Plenty of phosphorus:

Chicken contains a very large amount of phosphorus and minerals. And these are very essential elements for your teeth, bones, kidney, liver, CNS etc.

Seeking selenium:

As this if full of minerals and proteins it increases the level of metabolism, immunity and decreases the chances of thyroid hormone.

Metabolism booster:

If you eat this regularly this will increase the blood circulation and control it well. Blood vessels will be healthy, you will get full of energy as the vitamin b6 increases the metabolism rate and you can maintain a healthy life.

Rich in niacin:

This is also rich in niacin which is a type of vitamin and this decreases the chance of cancer and various DNA diseases.

Eye health:

Chicken is full of retinol, beta carotene and other types of vitamin. This improves the eye quality.

Reasons To Include Chicken In Your Menu