There seem to be many myths about tea floating around, but what are the most egregious myths of all?

• Tea should be drunk without any additions to it

There is no reason why you should drink tea plain – with no sugar, milk, honey or whatever other addition you prefer – and this is a good point as to why the best milk tea business is still strong. The myth of having to drink tea plainly mostly derives from the misconception that the benefits of tea can only be reaped when tea is drunk plainly. As we said, this is a misconception – there is no reason why adding sugar, milk, honey or other herbs to your tea will decrease the tea’s antioxidant values or other health benefits. Accordingly, if plain tea is a bit too difficult for you to drink, you can and you should add some sweeteners or milk to it.

• Green tea and white tea have no caffeine

The reason why green tea has been a fast growing franchise is simply due to misconception that it has no caffeine, and that it is high in antioxidants and helps you slim down. Whilst the latter points are indeed true, green tea, and by extension, white tea, do contain caffeine. It should be helpful to remind oneself here that all tea varieties derive from the tea plant – Camellia sinensis – and this plant contains caffeine. Accordingly, you cannot find any tea leaves which do not have caffeine. Black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea and all other types of tea all contain a certain dosage of caffeine. 

• Only green tea has antioxidants

Another misconception that has led to the popularity of green tea is that it is the only tea variety to contain antioxidants. This is entirely wrong, as all types of tea do contain antioxidants. What is correct, however, is that green tea might have a higher amount of antioxidants compared to other tea varieties. The reason behind this is the processing method: black tea and oolong tea are oxidised in the processing, and this can decrease their antioxidant levels. On the other hand, green tea does not undergo oxidation, and hence can retain its antioxidants. However, going by this explanations, it is worthy to note that the white tea varieties have the highest content of antioxidants, as they are only dried in the manufacturing.

• Good tea cannot be made from teabags

Many people tend to have a very common misunderstanding that, in order to make good tea, tea leaves – and not tea bags – are necessary. This is very much wrong, as tea bags can make very delicious tea. The reason why tea does not taste good is not in the tea bags, but in the brewing method of the individual. Adding fuel to this misconception is the belief that tea bags are made from the tea powder which is discarded in tea factories – when many factories actually attempt to have the better quality teas included in tea bags.

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Nowadays, we are offered an array of food with so many options. Eating has never been easier as you can simply order a freshly cooked meal to your house within a matter of minutes. It has been very beneficial to us in term of convenience but what has it done to our health? We are polluting our body with unwanted chemicals and preservatives by becoming used to the easy modern way of living. You can try going all natural for your food needs for about a month and see how it drastically changes your view on health.

One advantage of all natural food is that they have great taste. You can immediately tell which is natural and what contains processed food by taking a bite. Fruits and vegetables retain their vibrancy when they have been grown naturally. There are certain companies and farmers that practice organic farming. It has become easier to go natural than ever. You can buy gourmet hampers for your friends and family. This will be a thoughtful gift for organic food lovers.

The all natural foods are made according to strict standards to preserve their authenticity so that the customers will receive full health benefits. So you can be sure that the product is of excellent quality if, for example, you buy organic coffee online from a reputed company. Organic food contributes to the health of the planet as well. It is in our hands to take care of the natural environment as it sustains us. Organic farmers take steps in order to protect the environment against such issues like soil erosion. Not only do they grow healthy food, they think about how their practice can affect the planet.

Then there are the health benefits you obtain from consuming natural food. This is actually the most common reason for people to start changing their lifestyle. It is a great way to avoid all the complications brought on by artificial and preserved food. You can finally stop filling up your body with harmful chemicals. Most food is sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals to protect them during the production period. But these chemicals can be detrimental to our health. Therefore, the situation is harmful to those who farm and those who consume.

All natural food farming aims to create a healthy environment for all of us including wildlife as well. This is because the farming takes into account the protection of other ecosystems. They use natural fertiliser and natural ways of protecting the crops against pests. This way they care not contributing to the pollution of the ground and the water supply. You can now create healthy meals for your family without any fear of repercussions. It is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle and you will be making the planet a little better for it as well.

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Running a restaurant is a lucrative business, but not everyone can do it properly. You need a proper combination of skills and the market conditions should be favorable as well. Just as any other business venture it also requires a lot of your time. Given below are five things to pay attention to when setting up your own restaurant.

1. A great team 

Every business needs a great team to succeed. Likewise a restaurant needs a great team which includes everyone from the waiter to the chef. So make sure that when you are hiring employees that they would fit properly in to a team. They might all not possess the same strengths and qualities, but as a group they should be able to balance out each other. Hire people who are good with their co-workers and offers delicious cuisine, and who are able to adapt up to various situations. Make sure to look in to their previous work experience as well since it is always better to have experience staff in the team to guide the fresh employees. 

2. Equipment

Make sure that when you buy various kitchen appliances and electric equipment that they adhere to the various standards set by the regulatory bodies. Try obtaining quotations from more than three companies to see who can give you the best equipment for the lowest price. Some appliances are a must for a restaurant such as a post mix machine or a microwave. 

3. Ambience

The restaurant also should be designed in such a way that the customers would be happy to spend more time inside it. So hire an interior designer to do a proper designing job of the restaurant and ask the designer to recommend the type of furniture as well. The atmosphere should be such that your customers would be willing to return as soon as they can. 

4. Suppliers

Since you will need a few items in bulk after you start the restaurant, from the beginning, figure out the best suppliers for the various items. Choose them carefully; ask around from other colleagues in the field as well. There will be different suppliers for different items; i.e. the supplier for the soft drinks of the post mix machine will not be the same supplier for best coffee in Melbourne. So make a list of all the different suppliers to keep track of them.

In conclusion, it’s a good combination of all the above that would make it a great restaurant. So don’t compromise on even one aspect. Instead do your best in every possible aspect.

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Coffee has been an important part of a person’s daily schedule as it has made a person – feel the need to be more energetic and the otherwise; more alive as some may call it, as we all know that as general – adults need the consumed energy levels to keep track of the time and also, the dire need to stay upright throughout the entire day – and as we may notice; most of us have a fundamental picture of how we should awaken in the morning. So, whether you are a parent, co-worker, boss or even a stay-at-home-parent; the fact is clear that there is always going to be the need of coffee around the house to keep energetic and well, polished up for the morning and start of the day – coffee not only helps rejuvenate but keep the mind forcefully awake and wide-eyed the entire day to help the productivity. 

The difference of coffee and tea?
What, could one possibly say about coffee, being helpful within the premises of the home, and not to mention office? It has been invested by many as a mean to ease and control the usages of the rates. As we, all understand that the addiction in coffee is as quite addictive to the nicotine levels present in other beverages, such as Tea. It is therefore, wiser to understand there are many complications when preparing. Unlike the ordinary system of “putting the kettle on” and pouring contents into the glass there are different ways in which you may see that the HARIO cold water dripper functions hence when you find yourself in a hotter climate, you may presume the fact that cold coffee suffices the need.
Therefore, the AEROBIE AEROPRESS espresso maker has found its way up the ladder. It has aided and helped many to realize the fullest and easiest support in the society.
The high-rise of coffee consumers
There has come a time, in most people’s life’s that there is an increase amount of coffee consumers and have been said to increase in tallying proportions. How, can one identify the cries of which we are faced with if one cannot see the reality and understanding of the need of the coffee bean which suppresses the anxiety levels and induces more peaceful tranquility which ensures the desire and need to keep safe all the important aspects of such trying and unnatural times? The bean is a rare and exotic fruit which is incredibly shown that the importance of it widely found in places such as; Colombia and other very vast countries. All, the more interesting is the knack of the different necessities with which people have introduced.
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With the busy schedules people have found it very hard to spend time with the family. But family is an important aspect of human life and keeping a healthy family relationship is a key essential to create a happy and a healthy person. Therefore it is recommended that every individual must make an effort to spend some quality time with the family. Following are some ways you can use to spend time with your family and strengthen your relationship.

Eating out

Food is a great incentive that can encourage more communication among the members of the family. It is recommended that you spare one meal to have with all the family members every day. But since this has become impractical for many families today eating out once in a while can fulfill such well recommended family time method. You can choose a restaurant or a hotel which can offer a best pub dining experience for your family. You can order the favorite dishes for your family and spend the moments with your family encouraging each member to share and express their experiences and feelings with other members. Doing this from time to time can help your family very much to stay close with the other members and the memories you create can make you feel contented.

Celebrating moments

Every person comes across special moments in life such as birthdays, wedding, graduation, anniversary and et cetera. Special moments of your family members are a good foundation for some quality family time. You can organize functions to celebrate these moments. You can decide the type and the size of the event you are going to organize depending on the budget you can allocate. But it is very important to celebrate special moments with the family in small or larger scale as the special moment will never be forgotten by the members and that will boost up the relationship between family members.

Vacation fun

Going on a trip or a picnic is also a great way to spend time with the family. There are many ways you can spend your vacation and depending on the time and the budget you can allocate you can choose the best way to spend your vacation. You can now reserve a cruise and sped your vacation on the sea or you can even choose to travel and explore parts of the world. Hiking, camping, and fishing are also some activities you can choose to do during your vacation with your family members. Doing various activities and travelling with the members of your family, can make your family members feel close to each other.

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